BTLE Trace

Debugging Bluetooth on iOS

While debugging or reversing Bluetooth applications/comms, it is helpful to have a communications trace. Without the need of a proxy, one can activate the trace function of their mobile device.

Parallels Desktop Changelog. Source: Parallels GmbH

Getting old versions of Parallels Desktop

There might be some issues with the current release or something else, where you need an older minor release of the software. Gladly they are still online and just hidden.

Oscilloscope Waveform Header Image

Fast PWM on an ATmega32U4 (Arduino)

On my path to a peltier temperature controller, I stumbled upon the requirement to generate fast PWM signals using a MCU. Some pointers to good introductions, as well pages in the datasheet and sample code for ATmega32U4 (Arduino Leonardo) which I had laying around for tests.