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We create freedom for your business through customized IT solutions.

Who we are

We are convinced that every company benefits from modern technologies and IT know-how. Well-engineered ideas for digitization, automation, cyber security and networking are crucial for securing a company’s future. We support you in this. With consulting, training, analysis, conception, project management and implementation in the areas of software development and cyber security, we create long-term benefits.

Our mission

Technical pioneering spirit is one of our key qualifications. The constant change in IT constantly requires innovative problem-solving approaches. To find them, we like to tread new paths and explore new ways of thinking. Always with the goal in mind of strengthening your competitiveness with individually tailored IT solutions and efficient digitization strategies.


Our Blog.

We are ambitious explorers and like to break new ground. We share our findings from this in our blog.

Coding in C++ like it's Golang (Part 2)

Golang has some nice features such as multiple return values, the defer keyword, and channels. This article shows how to implement Golang’s defer statement in Modern C++.


Your Experts.

Information technology is part of our DNA. We have always been united by the irrepressible joy of working out complex technical tasks. From this we draw not only expertise and experience, but also inspiring ideas.

team people

Stefan Riegler

Founder | CV

Decades of experience as IT and embedded security expert. All-rounder with hands-on mentality. Interested in all things that move humanity forward.

Rainer Poisel

Founder | CV

Tech enthusiast hybrid of software developer, architect and team leader. Communicator who gets the right people talking to each other.


Our Services.

In-depth, interdisciplinary knowledge and enthusiasm for everything we do makes us powerful. We are highly specialized in our fields and translate strategic decisions into sustainable technologies. All this means a significant economic and technological advantage for your company.

Software Development

Software development is Rainer's main field of activity. Here he has specialized in the areas of embedded software development and DevOps.

Individually or Together

We are a strong team, have known each other for over two decades and complement each other incredibly well. You can book us independent or together.

Cyber Security

Stefan is our cyber security expert. He also has extensive experience in the areas of forensics, reverse engineering, radio frequency protocols and iOS security.

These are

Your Benefits.

  • Concentrated IT knowledge from a single source
  • Interdisciplinary way of thinking and working
  • Ability to target solutions that are unusual in the system
  • Inquiring mind that drives innovation processes forward
  • Close, personal support with fast response times

Trusted by

Our Clients.

Our collaboration with leading companies underscores our success in software development and cyber security. The diversity of our projects proves our commitment and expertise, delivering measurable value to our clients. Our references demonstrate the deep trust placed in us and our ability to precisely create tailored solutions.



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